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The BRAMA 1934 FOUNDATION is a group of people fascinated by culture and art, and the strength with which they are able to convey and disseminate values that are important to all mankinds. Our journey began in Vilnius, where we discover at every step the traces of a past so important to us, still lively and inspiring for creative work and religious and historical passion.

Our greatest "discovery" then became the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy - so Lithuanian in its place, Polish, through the first painting with the caption "Jesus, I trust in You", showing Jesus, what he looked like to Sister Faustina and painted by painter Eugeniusz Kazimirowski, and also so international - always open to everyone with the universal message of God's Mercy.

Observing how the message of this place and this image - religious, cultural, historical - connects people, builds a community, we understood how important it is to spread a positive message of culture and religion to serve people. We left the capital of Lithuania full of ideas, faith in a fruitful dialogue of cultures of different nationalities and willingness to act. This is how our activity began, that is the essence of the "gate" - the beginning of something new, a way of implementing good and valuable ideas, discovering how culture and the values associated with it can change and enrich the world.


The goal of our activity covered by the motto: "ART FOR HEARTS". We operate in many fields - we are passionate about painting and broadly understood art, we are lovers of history, sport, music and dance.The impulse to act was given by observing how often good initiatives and great ideas  were abandoned - and sometimes very little is needed to be able to act. Meeting the right people at the right time can work wonders.


Our goal is to initiate and conduct activities in the field of culture, art, literature, religious life, protection of monuments, promotion of regional culture and folk traditions as well as cooperation in these areas. We want to be worthy continuators of the traditions of artistic and literary societies, associating in a group of people feeling responsibility for the shape of the spiritual and material culture of the times in which they lived.

Specialy valuable for us is the rich cultural tradition of the interwar period. We are looking for values that can build intercultural dialogue and inspire action from various countries, different cultures, and even with extremely different personalities - but connected by a common search for beauty, truth and goodness.