Fundacja Brama 1934 Logo


Our aim is to create a travel route, historical and religious, showing the beauty of history, religion and tradition, and at the same time showing our country in close historical and cultural communication with neighboring countries.

Szlak Niebo - Ziemia



Our goal is to initiate and conduct activities in the field of culture, art, literature, religious life, protection of monuments, promotion of regional culture and folk traditions as well as cooperation in these areas. We want to be worthy continuators of the traditions of artistic and literary societies, associating in a group of people feeling responsibility for the shape of the spiritual and material culture of the times in which they lived.

Specialy valuable for us is the rich cultural tradition of the interwar period. We are looking for values that can build intercultural dialogue and inspire action from various countries, different cultures, and even with extremely different personalities - but connected by a common search for beauty, truth and goodness.