A great holiday in the Eagle Nest – Juromania Bydlin 2019

Once again, the Brama Foundation had the honor and pleasure to host in Bydlin – this time in a medieval-historical climate. Thank you for the warm welcome, wonderful conversations and interesting inspirations for the development of our Sky-Earth Route.

On September 21, on Saturday, the ruins of the castle and the tourist shed changed into a real medieval settlement, although the historical journey began with the memories of the fighting of World War I. Guided tour participants had the opportunity to find themselves in the trench for a moment, hear shots of the ongoing battle and watch the soldiers thanks to the wonderful historical reconstruction.

At a later stage, medieval atmosphere prevailed. Brave knights and noble ladies took us into the middle of this fascinating era. Archery, minting your own coins, medieval carousel, learning to write with a quill pen, baking flatbreads, tasting specialties, making ropes yourself, and embroidery are just some of the attractions. We will all remember the impressive knights’ fights and the demonstration and learning of medieval dances.

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Photo: Rafał Jaworski, Justyna Baran