The Heaven-Earth Rote was created especially to show less known beautiful and historical places from which the source of culture and tradition comes from. We invite you to travel between the sky - the methaphor of spirituality in our culture and the earth - the beauty of nature and phisical signs of history.
Our trail begins in Będzin, a city with a rich history, remembering the march of Jan III Sobieski to Vienna, a city where the "must-see" objects are the beautiful Royal Castle of Będzin and the Będzin Underground.
The Three Emperors Triangle - another point on the Route - is an extremely important place for Polish history; it was here that the borders of three partitions converged: Prussian, Russian and Austrian, creating a symbol of Poland's rich and difficult history and being a testimony of its multiculturalism.
On the route of the Heaven-Earth Route there is a beautiful facility of the Eagles' Nests Trail, a defensive castle erected by the knight of Niemierz, the coat of arms Strzała in Bydlin; Being on site is also worth seeing a nineteenth-century chapel with a fifteenth-century statue of Our Lady of Consolation, surrounded by special protection as an unusual monument and object of worship. The local cemetery is the resting place of the legionaries of Marshal Piłsudski who died in defense of the homeland in 1914.
Zielonki and Bibice - another points on the route - are places that remember the oldest history of our country; the documents mention the tithing for the Wawel Cathedral by the inhabitants of Bibice as early as 1050, while Zielonki, mentioned for the first time in 1270 (but much older) - is a real archaeological paradise. Today, both places are not only a breath of the past, but also an oasis of beautiful nature and recreation.
After a beautiful adventure in the Lesser Poland voivodship, the Heaven-Earth trail leads travelers through the lands of Świętokrzyskie (Wiślica, Sandomierz) and Białystok - the capital of the Podlasie Voivodship, to enrich with the beauty and depth of history, religion and art, combined with active recreation and tourist attractions.
The Heaven-Earth Route ends its course in Vilnius, allowing you to discover these less known cultural, historical, religious and artistic testimonies of Poland and Lithuania. The city, so important for Polish literature and art in the past, also today turns out to be an inspiration for creative activity, allowing a better understanding of Polish culture and tradition.


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